Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upcoming readings

If you don't know, Joseph Harrington, aka Joe, will be reading at Blue Planet Cafe on April 8, 2011 @ 7pm. Also, my friends Kevin Rabas and Tim Volpert will be playing Poetry+Funk on April 15, 2011--same location and time. Top City Poetry Reading Series

But I didn't realize Hadara Bar-Nadav will be @ The Raven Bookstore Thursday, May 19, 2011, at 7pm. Summer break starts early! Big Tent Reading Series

I was honored to have Joe and Hadara as part of my MFA thesis committee--Joe as my mentor. I also remember reading part of it at the Big Tent series (good times). Here was my bio from the page (made from a flarf collage):

Dennis Etzel Jr. is a recording artist with 30 years of music behind him. Dennis is a guitarist. Dennis is the top finisher for the Buckeyes in 10th place. Dennis is also very involved in planting trees and sustainable forestry. Dennis is a male first name derived from the Greco-Roman name Dionysius meaning “servant of Dionysus”. Dennis is now among the rest of these freedom hating liberal kooks. Dennis is the only one talking about shutting down the nuclear war machine. In 2006, Dennis was being pursued by the Attorney General in Washington. Dennis is a jungle menace. We need drastic solutions, like the ones Dennis is pushing. Dennis is leading positively by example, e.g. his vegan lifestyle. Dennis has engaged in interfaith dialogue with Catholics at the Vatican. Dennis has also written and produced three best-selling comedy videos on values. Dennis has played guitar on over 100 soul music gold albums. Dennis has experience handling cases from all parts of Alaska. Dennis has worked with the vanguard of New York’s dance studios. Dennis has the courage to say what many are wondering. Dennis will be in Sierra Madre, CA, Sunday the 21st, 9am. Dennis will be appearing on Comedy Central’s ‘The Colbert Report’ this Tuesday. How do I know Dennis will be able to photograph my child? By taking the time to get to know you and your taste, Dennis will be able to. Dennis will be leading out the Halloween fun ride tonight at Willowdale. Dennis will be adding a second class at Yoga Within on Tuesday evenings. Dennis will be given a sedative to relax.

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