Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another project

I have a summer project in the works, which I wrote the first of tonight. It examines the "I" in poetry, in first-person shooter games, and in patriarchy.

Rachel Zucker:

    Perhaps poetry should not try to repair fragmentation but should move from the “I” to the self, which embraces and includes the “I” but which also includes the unconscious psyche and is an ideal greatness where everything is connected to everything else—is the “I” owned/invented by the patriarchy anyway?
There are issues about identity, the work of poetry, autonomy.

By the way, this summer looks fantastic:

  • A reading group in Lawrence, going over Zukofsky's "A."
  • Lots of good books to read.
  • A weekly meeting in June with four people from my Experimental Poetry class.
  • Catching up with friends.
  • Personal writing gatherings with friends. I think I despise the word "workshop."
  • Going to the Royals with Joe and MariaAna.
  • Maybe the Cardinals, too?
  • Trips to KC to see family.
  • Hanging with family here.
  • Getting lots of time with Carrie and our boys.
  • Hanging out with new friends from Attachment Parenting.

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