Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer projects

So I haven't truly been blogging for a while. Well, that changes today.

First, I want to know how Heather Christle's The Trees The Trees works!

The Believer likes it too!

So that's it. The fragments we live with!

How can I take this to the level of my projects around Two Mothers?

I'm trying to plan a longer project this summer, like I did with My Secret Wars of 1984.  I'm thinking, which mother is the one calling me, and which is the one that knows I'm here?

I mean, I'm grading this week! Next week! Then I'm from free.

In July, a Cardinals game with Joe Harrington, Susan Schultz, et their significant others. Hopefully.

My baseball project has started.

Against Masculinity needs a lot of work--my non-fiction piece.

Plus, my coffee is cold. :(

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