Monday, June 11, 2012

A Poet's Guide to Travel: Santa Fe, NM

From facebook postings, for if I ever visit:

JH: “Suggestions for lodging in Santa Fe?”

SMS: “Uncle Maurice's!”

JH: “How about El Paradero?”

JM: “St. Francis has a great porch!”

AZ: “What's the price range? La Fonda is the classic Santa Fe stop, right on the Plaza. The El Dorado is right off the Plaza, but the more high-end choice. La Posada is gorgeous, with a great bar, has music on Friday nights, has outdoor dining -- more of an Inn with a campus where people have their weddings. Over-the-top expensive luxury can be found at the Inn of the Five Graces. The St Francis is lovely and modern, with decor styled after a monastery. Most of these places are right near the Plaza and have great restaurants. If you are more budget-conscious, then the El Rey Inn is 1-2 miles from the Plaza, very quaint and well-maintained. If you want a place with a kitchen and a fireplace, there are some rentable condos in Fort Marcy that are very affordable (our friends found one on Craig's List for $89/night), and walkable to the Plaza.”

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