Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This summer's Experimental Poetry class

I am really enjoying my online Experimental Poetry class as students are getting involved with the discussion posts, the poems they are writing, and the essays--truly taking it all in. Here is what one student emailed me (used with permission):

I really love Henjinian! Her work is industrial and organic and plays with time and space. Her work is representitive of the spaces between all things, tangible and not. Her work is very exciting to me. I've never even heard of her before this. It's so exciting when I find a new favorite.
Then in a follow-up email:

I was really moved by her work, powerful stuff. Really got my wheels turning about how I could play with things like color, time/space, and other things that seem to be so fixed and permanent. I enjoyed how she created spaces where one doesn't think they'd exist.

I know this student isn't an English major, too! It just thrills me to see people talk about an incorporate the same poets I admire and love.

I posted this on facebook:

I'm enjoying the responses from my students in Experimental Poetry this summer. They love Diane di Prima AND Lyn Hejinian so far. I feel successful!
A student I friended replied:
:-)) its a blast! Truly....
How could I ask for more from an online five-week summer class?

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