Friday, August 10, 2012

Fiction workshops

In a graduate Fiction workshop class, people knew I was writing memoir. However, they read the "madeup" parts as true and the accurate parts as "stereotypical."

Michelle : it's hard work, coming up with the truth.

Sarah : Stranger than.

Bethany : I remember getting castigated in an undergrad class because the main characters struggle with narcolepsy was unrealistic and cartoonish. They thought I should have done more research. Smh

Dennis : That's EXACTLY what I mean. You should read a book called Reality Hunger. It talks about such things that happen.

Dennis : BTW: Sorry that happened to you, Bethany.

Bethany : Oh, I laughed. Adam was the instructor and the only one who knew I had narcolepsy (I tell all my teachers ) and he had his head in his hands the whole time. Then I got to tell everybody that I'd been diagnosed since I was sixteen and they ended up feeling silly. Teehee.

Dennis : I'm planning on conducting my worksops like Laura. I've had so many bad experiences while a student--except in her class. Thanks, Laura!

Dennis : workshops!

Bethany : I know, she was so good!

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