Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My response, via my creative writing class

By being in this class, we continue to build a community. In this class, we continue as writer-artists.

We come together as writers from different experiences, exposures to genres, and ideas about writing—so we come with a tabula rasa in a way, leaving assumptions at the door, while we share our ideas and knowledge with a tone of openness and humility.

Our examinations of the reading examples are also examinations of how we want to approach our writing with a certain aesthetic. In our “creation of Art,” we embrace ambiguity, contradiction, mistake-with-intent, the emotional spectrum, and all of the complexities that mirror our day-to-day lives.

Our writing might take the form of fictionalized accounts of actual events and emotional descriptions of imagined experiences.

With all of this said, we come with a high level of respect for each other, each writer’s work, and our work as a collective. Our comments always keep the work in mind, as each of us strives to help each other in this art-making, and make every effort to stay within respectful attitudes and comments to each other, whether verbal, non-verbal, in writing, etc.

We will add to this statement to fit the needs of the classroom and the fairness for each individual as such needed.

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