Thursday, August 23, 2012

Other fallacies

1) Comedy is offensive.

That's what I'm saying! I don't consider the ad as comedy. I guess the assumption is: the ad is a form of comedy.

Comedy is offensive. The ad is offensive. The ad is comedy. [Bad logic!]

However, not all comedy is offensive. Jim Gaffigan and Louis C.K. are MY favorites, whether offending me or not.

2) This strong, independent woman thinks [ ].

Even one survivor can not represent all survivors. One woman does not represent all women. One person does not represent a marginalized group they are a part of.

3) These comedians joked about [ ] and I know [ ] people in my life.

I am glad you encourage and stay by your friends--even when they offend you. I don't like to take sides either. I think I would walk out of a comedy routine that crossed the line for me. However, just because you chose to react a certain way to something that offended me doesn't mean I should react like you do--or that I even can in my heart of hearts.

4) Someone has too much time on their hands for letting her or his voice be heard.

I don't think this of Fred Phelps either. I DO NOT like the man, DO NOT agree with him, WOULD NOT stand beside him on the picket line. However, no one can deny he is not passionate about what he and his family do. Even I know when to march for a good cause, which I have, and how doing it every day would interfere with time with my family, my job, friends, etc.

5) You are trying to ruin families!

Actually, we care about Vicki's family, her job security, and the well-being of everyone. Sure, someone I know contacted someone else's employment and suggested sensitivity training. For some, that is viewed as a good thing. People felt attacked by "jokes."

Even as I don't like rape jokes that assume it is the woman's fault for the assault, I truly think it is an attack when made to victims or survivors of rape who come forward with their story.

Nope! We are pro-family! Even Fred's, in a weird way, or we would be hypocrites!

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