Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Cult of D [continued]

Characters are assigned letters, so anonymity is the condition we each live in.

Even as each character lives in the real, the real is continued anonymously due to the fear of vulnerability.

Can we come together as writers?

C: I do not think so. Everything you've said is didactic.

But is it a function of art? To come together?

At least there was a time when R and I were alienated by the workshop leader, and I felt some kind of alliance out of that horrible gathering. M would say, "What is this? What is this saying? What kind of poem is this?" And this started it off. No one liked that class, I think.

My favorite moment: When R and I would talk about the use of "kind of" in language, and M said, "This is kind of kind of kind of a poem about..." We laughed to each other.

But The Cult of D! What was that about? D was gone, so all authority was vacated.

Is there something anyone could have said? Can say?

Effing yes!

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