Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Cult of D [continued]

"Didactic" is a label, which, itself, is didactic to say. To say. Could this all have stopped?

What if D could have stopped it before she left, but she left, and D does not stand for didactic.

The Cult of D labelled didactic onto anything they didn't like. It was easy, maybe, when a word is on the back of the throat.

That whole situation just has me thinking about the role of writers as being both strong and vulnerable. Plus, just the camraderie that should be among writers.

Is it didactic to say something is didactic?

I am here trying to help those still there, those who are entering there, and I hope The Cult of D has dropped off.

I know a certain writer. In New York: "I'm a Kansas writer." In Kansas: "I'm a New York writer."

And I mean "celebrate the air" as in "I'm effing lucky to be alive."

Have you been in love? Why not love the people in your workshop?

Would you treat someone you like the way you treat others in your workshop?

Why pick sides?

I guess that is what a cult is. Picking a side to the extreme.

D would not like to know this happened. I hope D doesn't read this.

And didactic ramblings. Maybe it's my age? Or almost dying? I own a funeral plot I plan to sell.

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