Friday, August 10, 2012

The Cult of D: A Fiction

D is an amazing fiction writer, experimental in the way art is an experiment to represent, and the students flocked to the university where she taught. I was a student of D's. Amazing work was written. Amazing feedback was presented. However, the clique of D turned to a cliche of D into the Cult of D when she announced she was leaving.

The animosity of the cult turned against L, another amazing fiction writer who did not write like D. However, amazing is not a qualifier for the Cult of D.

In fact, any fiction workshop turned into Cult vs. Non-Cult.

Are you a new student? Get ready for the initiation by the Cult.

When T visited, the first hints of the Cult came in the form of the Cult's blogs. Also, the responses of blogs by the NYC Cult of T.

The Cult of D took on aspects of the Cult of T.

In fiction, any of this is plausible, which is why it seems real.

The more elitist the school overall, the more elitist overall cults will be created.

Does this sound didactic? Yes, it is didactically true, as the Cult of D operates out of the didactic outside of a certain style of writing.

This style goes against everything D is: humble, humility, a search for Art outside of cults.

Luckily, the Cult of D moves on to other cities.

Not before students drop out of programs because of the Cult of D.

I would rather be didactic than inconsiderate, rude, anti-writer. Call it my Midwest Fiction. Call it my idealistic room of gathering around to celebrate the air in the room.

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