Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Topeka Metro--even if it's once a week

I walked thirty minutes to miss my bus by half of a block, so I walked another forty to the Quincy Station. My legs burn, my feet hurt, I'm a little sweaty, and I plan to take the bus again tomorrow!

Today was the test for my bus riding to work, from Oakland to Washburn University. After giving our second car to Joy, we are down to one car. I know I can't take away the car from Carrie and the boys, but there will be days I need the car. Nevertheless, I plan to ride the bus.

I was surprised when I got on.

The buses are updated since the last time I rode them. Comfortable. Clean. Easy to understand how to take them. And it's only two dollars, including transfers.

I realized the whole carbon footprint thing is a good argument for riding. What riding for me means is I am aware that I've had a car for all of my driving life. I'm aware that many people ride the bus, including another professor here who chooses not to have a car. He comes from the Lake Sherwood area, as I come from Oakland. However, the bus is accessable enough to take.

Even my thirty minute walk is a choice, as the North Topeka bus takes an extra thirty minutes to circle around the area until it comes back to the pickup point that leads directly to Quincy Station.

I am happy to say I am won over. It was nice just to sit and think, instead of driving. When the weather is bad, I'll take that extra thirty minutes to ponder the day, the lesson plans, maybe grade?

Why not take the bus, just once?

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