Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where is the poetry blog?

Me [in a Jim Gaffigan commentator voice]: "When are we going to read about poetry again?"

I would like to say a few things about Freedom of Speech. Yes, I'm glad we live in a country where we have it! I support even Fred Phelps' Freedom of Speech.

Me [in a Jim Gaffigan commentator voice]: "Did he just say that?"

I never wanted the comedy act, or any other put on by So U Think UR Funny, to be cancelled.

Me [in a Jim Gaffigan commentator voice]: "That's not what I heard!"

You heard wrong! My first reaction to Kim [co-owner], out of really being furious about the ad, was, "I would rather not see the comedy show to happen." This is when I thought, how could The Break Room support a comedy show who uses an ad portraying violence against a woman as comedy? The four comedians are laughing at the woman after the mugging.

I, then, apologized to Vicki [promoter], saying that I apologize for saying that. Wishing for the show to now go on would be pro-censorship. I was angry. Luckily, outside all of the other issues, I have re-examined my ideological, philosophical, and heart-felt notions.

A boycott IS NOT censorship. It is a way to say, "I am not going to partake in something I do not agree with." The facebook page was merely a means to say, "Yes, I'm with you," "Maybe," and "No, I'm not with you."

Note: The fact that survivors were still attacked on the wall is not addressed be many, still clouded by the hype and misinformation, or maybe just not caring. Hey--it's a free country, they say! I agree. You can have as much apathy as you want.

Finally, as far as comedy shows go, the one thing I do not think is censorship either is throwing out a heckler! Hecklers are all about stopping a comedy from continuing. Dear heckler: Please walk out before heckling!

Also, I am all for remving a heckler from a show. Comedians often have great retaliations, which can work to the shows advantage! (Think of the Louie Season One episode. I love how Louis C.K. does take offensive issues from all sides and makes wonderful comedy--at least, I think so!)

If you can, watch the documentary _Heckler_. It's on Netflix. Jamie Kennedy is amazing for doing this!

Look for my next blog, as I offer a suggestion for how the ad could reach a larger audience while keeping with the artists' intentions.

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