Monday, September 17, 2012

Sound poets via facebook via Anne Boyer

Anne Boyer besides tracie morris and christian bok, other interesting contemporary sound poets?

Hanna Andrews caroline bergvall!
Anne Boyer totally, how could I leave her out.
Carmel Purkis Phil Minton, jwcurry, Paul Dutton, Jaap Blonk, Leevi Lehto ... will think of more ...
Carmel Purkis Angela Rawlings!
Valerie Loveland Everyone mentioned poets I already thought of. I am commenting so I can keep up with what everyone says.
Bob Holman Edwin Torres, Stephen Smith, Charlie Morrow, Jerome Rothenberg, Alurista
Lisa Robertson Stacy Doris-- her hour long sound piece (opera really) for Radio France, Parlement. And our work together as The Perfume Recordist. And up in Vancouver Catriona Strang.
Erin Lyndal Martin What about Alexis O'Hara? She's kind of a poet and of a musician. Plus she does sound installation artists. (If you want more info, I interviewed her here:
Trisha Low a. rawlings and m. jantar's collabos are incredible - also jordan scott re: the stutter& traitorous bodies
Nada Gordon jap blonk!
Nada Gordon o, someone already said...
Stephanie Young jordan scott
Buck Downs Chris Mason
Kasey Mohammad Bonnie Jones
Janet Holmes Heidi Lynn Staples
Harold Abramowitz Mathew Timmons :)
Michael Sikkema michael sikkema
Johannes Göransson
ACTION YES Online Quarterly
Bill Luoma Hazel Smith
Michael Sikkema Mike Basinski
CA Conrad Cris Cheek. He's amazing!!
Taylor Brady I don't know whether she calls herself a sound poet, but I'd put in this grouping if we're going to include Phil Minton (mentioned above). Also, at least on occasion, Geraldine Monk. And Wendy Kramer.
Asher Lewis not trad sound poetry, but search out & hear Sarah Dowling read from Security Posture, particularly snd particles from "Starlight Tour"--will make you a believer (in the oral)
Anne Boyer ok, this is fantastic. I'm just going to give my students this entire thread.
Karen Weiser Me too!
Brenda Iijima oh, Julie Patten!!
Cris Cheek danny snelson

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