Monday, December 31, 2012

What poets were born or have lived in Topeka, Kansas?

Comment below if you know of more:

Gwendolyn Brooks

Kevin Young

Cyrus Console

Bret DeFries

Margaret Hill McCarter

Miranda Ericsson-Kendall

Michael Robbins

Langston Hughes

Gary Jackson

Ronald Johnson

Sarah Mangold

Stella Robbins

CA Conrad

Anne Boyer

Dana Holt

Ben Lerner

Ed Skoog

Eric McHenry

Israel Wasserstein

Thomas Fox Averill

Matthew Porubsky

Tod Marshall

Nick Twemlow

Ben Cartwright

Amy Fleury

Leah Sewell

Melissa Sewell

Timothy Volpert

Andy Carter

Thomas C Kennedy

Annette Billings

Naomi Shihab Nye: conceived in Topeka

Denise Low-Weso: taught at Washburn


  1. Hey, I taught at Washburn so can I be a Top City poet? You make it glamorous. At least I am in the same watershed. Denise