Saturday, March 16, 2013

For Katie

These are only suggestions:

First, save one file with all of the notes you took.


Use that file for a second file, shaping a pedagogical-themed essay.

I like what this says: How to Write a Paper on Pedagogy

This could have a long introduction, including what AWP, the importance of it in creative writing, your subjective perceptions, etc.,

Also, the leadups to the notes, with elaboration-analysis of what was at each panel.

Not only could you include your analysis on how you could construct lesson plans, but you could be innovative for one of these topics (from the above link):

"The first involves new or innovative conceptualization of issues related to planning education (e.g.,
faculty and student diversity, planning schools assessment, student recruitment and advising).
The second provides assessments of the state of planning instruction and curricula regarding
specific topics (e.g., teaching of environmental planning, addressing global megatrends). Such
assessments can rely on survey research and quantitative methods, but robust qualitative analysis
also can yield fresh insights. The third type offers accounts of specific courses or teaching
innovations. Recently such innovations have included the use of new technology (e.g.,
multimedia, simulation, and virtual space) and new learning practices (e.g., work-based or
experiential learning, distance learning, and international education and exchange)."

I like the ideas of diversity, assessment, etc.


Then include the lesson plans. :)


Please let me know if you would like to meet.

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