Sunday, April 7, 2013

Documentation and Conceptual Collage

It's been on my mind, the idea of conceptual collage, appropriation as representation, etc. and what draws me to approaching projects with these forms. Really, I've documentated all my life--since I was four, picking up a camera, cutting out words from magazines, etc. When I was in trouble, I had to copy the dictionary, including the phonetics. Kenneth Goldsmith would love this!

Sometimes I take facebook discussions of poets and repost them. I've been caught, asked to remove them. (Sorry, A.B.!) I feel bad--I don't want to violate privacy or force such conversations to be Google-searchable. My conflict is with documentation of such conversations, that these did happen between the poets of the now, that these lists can help others, etc. If I kept these in files only, they could be lost, damaged, or--upon the event of my death--never found.

Ultimately, my other mother has survived another bout with lymphoma. She is still in the hosptial. 2013: The Year of the Hospital. As she is my mother's partner, my sister and I are the last survivors of that side of the family. How will this be documented? I've explored through poetry: see Denver Quarterly, Indiana Review.

I can't connect why I feel the urgency to capture, then send back, these histories, herstories, and such. I see a scholar 100 years from now asking about us Kansas poets. What will happen if they do a Google search and find some Dennis who was a poetic-historian, and have a major breakthrough in research?

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