Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Notes about animals

Virginia Wolff's Flush as hybrid

Anthropocentrisim under phallocentricism

Carrie Rohman, Stalking the Subject

TS Eliot, and human superiority

human/animal, humanimal, animal/human

Derrida's heterogeneous multiplicity

controlling animal bodies in the Victorian age, via zoos, dog fancy

coevolution of human-dog, to get away from domestication model of dominance

Ulysses--dogs without owners
Waste Land--dog on corpse

shifting of gender roles and hierarchies in Modernist times

Bildungsroman: The novel of education

Bildung as humanist project, a project of self-cultivation

Animal narrative traditions
Victorian animal autobiography
"Feminine" sentimentality

Flush as allegory of the woman writer

Unwelt: organiism's perception of the world
Jakob Von Uexküll: Foray Into Worlds of Animals

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