Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trance Poetics

I've read Kristin Prevallet's Trance Poetics: Your Writing Mind, and I highly recommend it. I'll list those reasons soon.

For now, this is what is "freaking awesome" today. I write small bursts of writing last night, and out of one of them, I posted a phrase on facebook:

"I want to remand my man status."

An Emporia writer and acquaintence wrote this:

"The very root of the word denies this, Mano. And you know the Latin root of testify references holding one's testes, those things most dear and upon which solemn oath would be sworn..."

This is the freaking part: This is the seuquence I wrote.

"I want to unman my hands. My genes to be unmanned. Unnamed. To remand my man status. Unhand me, man."

Jungian? Shamanic? This concept is part of what Prevallet stresses in her book.

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