Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cover Art

I have my cover art! As soon as it is painted.

Thanks to Lawrence artist Jessica Phoenix and White Rainbow Studios! Check out her work on facebook:

The funny thing is: I've had to turn down art because it featured two nude women together. Well, if this chapbook is about my mothers, I'd rather not "go there!"

Jessica's preliminary sketch featured nude women. :)

Luckily, she is open to figuring out how to portray them. I don't want to give anything away, but it will be awesome!

Also, last night I received my very first blurb. Ever. From CA Conrad.

I admire him as a poet, an activist, and for having a heart. He really said sweet things about my poems. It's hard to be a writer, especially a poet, when there is a lot of negativity, etc. I'm not talking about the kind of rejection a lit mag sends because your work isn't what they are looking for. I'm thinking petty rejection based on ego, malice, etc.

I crave community. It's something Jessica and I talked about this morning, how being an artist doesn't mean one has the exclusive right in whatever town one is in. It's about collaboration, figuring out even how to sustain a living without being cut throat, excluding others, etc.

Love to you all!

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