Tuesday, November 19, 2013

1913 Press Fundraiser

As 1913 Press has its fundraiser going, they recently posted why one should contribute. I appreciate the list as is as well:

-because poetry/art/language matters
-because small publishers take risks on putting out books that we care about, regardless of a narrow vision of “marketability”
-because value is not quantifiable
-because it’s important to acknowledge something as seemingly insignificant and quantifiable as “cost” in publishing
-because collectively, small presses like 1913 have changed the literary landscape over the past 10-15 years, from one that was closed to emerging & wild writers, to one that is open, inclusive, unofficial, and decentered
-because no matter how you feel about the notion of “glut” in contemporary publishing, more good work out there is better than less good work out there
-because there is so much good out there
-because small press publishers like 1913 put their own money, time, and energies into our projects simply because we believe in them
-because so many individuals named & unnamed put their own hard-won monies into every project we’ve ever put out
-because poets work for free
-because we as poets/writers/artists/readers/community-members are grateful...

If you wished:


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