Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Tour

December 2013
December 3rd: Open-mic at Skivies, 7pm
December 4th: Washburn Bookstore Open House, 1-2:30pm
December 8th: Topeka SC Public Library Local Author Fair, 3-5pm

February 2014
February 7th, First Friday: The Eclective (NOTO), 5:30-8pm
February 26-March 1: AWP?

March 2014
March 10, 2014: ESU Reading with Kevin Rabas, 7pm

April 2014
April 4th, First Friday: Top City Poetry Crawl, 5:30-8pm

June 2014
June 21st at Aimee's, Lawrence, 5:30p

July 2014
Tuesday, July 15th in Fort Collins: Old Firehouse Books, with Sasha Steensen and Aby Kaupang, 7pm
Thursday, July 17th in Boulder: Innisfree Poetry Bookstore, 7pm
Saturday, July 19th in Denver: Leon Presents a Reading Series with TBA, 7pm

September 2013
Sept 19, 2014: The Writers Place, KC, with Leah Sewell and TBA, 7pm


The Raven - pend
Collective Art Gallery - First Friday? - pend

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