Friday, December 6, 2013

Kristin Prevallet Holidays Repost

From Kristin Prevallet!


The Power of Exchange

Buying gifts during the holidays can be stressful -- but keep in mind that the real reason for giving gifts has nothing to do with the frenzied anxiety of shopping for something perfect. It has to do with an almost magical exchange.

With a little reflection, it's not hard to see that gifts are more alive and mystical than we realize. Like magic mushrooms, once we consume them we recognize that they were always there, spreading out through the fields and forests of our minds.

And as you picture that, perhaps you'll also see how gifts can be an extension of our physical biology and our material environment. Gifts are a reminder that through exchange and contact we learn to engage with other creatures -- much in the way that each organism in an ecosystem connects with every living thing around it.

When you are shopping for someone else you are projecting yourself into this generous exchange of living energy in which each organism knits itself into a complex fabric and pattern -- much in the way that the subatomic particles that compose us exist in relation to the space and particles that surround them.

Whatever it is that makes the act of giving gifts profound for you, remember that gifts are as much about you as they are about your recipients. You are never alone with the object you are giving: you're sharing a dynamic part of yourself, knowing that your life force will be reciprocated.

All my best for these holidays.
Kristin Prevallet
Writer, Teacher, Hypnotherapist

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