Friday, April 25, 2014

A Poem a Day is Possible

I used to think not. It might be that the pressing day's events seem to come into our minds, that there is "real work" to be done. I was at PT's Flying Monkey when my father came by. He saw my car, he said, and thought he would say hi. then he said, "This is the real work you do, huh?" I was grading papers. I chuckled, and brought up that there is a lot more to teaching than grading papers. Even preparation is a necessity. I can't just go into a classroom without a lesson plan.

Overall, what people define work to be is often not the "real work" to be done.

Yes, I wash dishes, mow the lawn, and, most importantly, co-raise children through attachment parenting--a lot of work.

But poems are necessary for my self-development. They chaleenge me emotionally, intellectually, and I grow from them.

Joe Harrington and I are exchanging daily emails as part of NaPoWriMo, to really try the poem-a-day thing. Neither of us has missed a day.

This sounds fatherly, but it shows what happens when you put your mind and heart to something.

The real work is time management and attention.

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