Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Amy King Project, Part II

I wrote to Amy King for her blessings and permission on what has happened as I am further into my project.

My shadow poem approach has switched to more of a write-reflection approach, where sometimes her words enter my writing--to use them in new contexts. I'm writing a lot about my mothers, the matriarchal history of the family, of Topeka, of my high school friend who took his life shortly after high school. The project feels more like how I read her poems as a way to survive and reconnect with the place I am in. Of course, some of the struggles (like Sen. Brownback) come in, too.

An interesting thing happened, too. The page I was on accidently flipped without my awareness, and I continued in a new poem. I corrected my error, writing two poems from the two, but it could have easily stayed as one poem.

With that said, it is kind of like Noah Eli Gordon's The Source approach, when he does a write-through of page 26 from various books found in the Denver Public Library. The same could be with a stack of admired poets? I would not feel as conflicted with this method. Maybe as the borrowed words would be fewer--less obvious of a write-through when holding someone else's poem next to mine?

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