Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hate Park, Part Three

The William Stafford Celebration was yesterday, and one of my conversations caused me to pause. Julie from KHC mentioned how I mentioned in my facebook posts that Gage Park was a current project of mine, and how it was a wonderful place. Of course, my research surrounds the social awareness and struggles of marginalized people, so it is easy to forget my experience of the Park.

That is important--to be honest, to capture the authenticity of my own experiences playing in the playground, going to the zoo (back then). Really, it is a fun park, and we continue to take our children there. It is one of the rare Topeka places, in that a lot of people think of Gage Park when they think of things to do in Topeka.

Maybe these considerations, of taking away the lens through which a writer approaches her or his work, creates the best art, the work of representation.

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