Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Universal Word Deck Idea

The more I work with write-throughs and other means of experimental collaboration, I realize one could build her deck with words while reading. Why didn't I think of this before? However, it also feels like context/connections are important.

I'm thinking: Have different decks from different poets? Or specific decks which work as a group? Or a noun deck separate from a verb deck?

I never stopped buying cards. It was a pleasure as a boy to buy Star Wars, baseball, and other Sci-Fi cards, the era before VCRs or quick access to films. I could go through my Star Wars cards and relive the film through image. Is this what poetry is, reliving through images?

Which brings me to the image. Could cards in this deck be actual cards from Sci-Fi, etc? Or with selected images? Instead of "cardinal," to see the actual cardinal and draw on all of the possibilities?

I found such sketch cards at Tuesday Morning for cheap. I might do a CA Conrad thing by drawing on them, thinking about my hair clippings on a balloon.

Or simply use them for the words.

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