Friday, May 9, 2014

July 2014 Project

Dana Ward's The Crisis of Infinite Worlds
Mary Austin Speaker's Ceremony
and still looking for one more book of poetry

for a project I am slating for July
My overarching method has the conceptual approach for the need for poetry in Topeka--the reliance on poetry to survive being in Topeka. My two mothers often appear in my work, so it is also a way for resistance against anti-LGBT forces here.
For this project, I am looking at fatherhood--being a father of three boys in Topeka. Themes of comic books, place (tall grass vs city), and binary views also will be a part of it.

The books above seem to connect. Plus, they were in my book bag at the time I thought of this project.
My approach to write-throughs are: I write a poem, but when stuck I glance at a page of a selected book for the most resonant word for my emotional psyche at that point in the poem.
I'm looking forward to this project tentatively titled BINARY TRILOGY.

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