Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Transcriptions and Such

Out of my facebook conversation about Reality TV, I have several leads for my next project slated for June. I'm hoping Carrie will be understanding with me need to start-and-stop reality television shows. Maybe I will get her to join in with transcriptions!


Academics, scholars, transcriptionists, and poets: Would you please help? I am planning to use Kate Durbin's E! Entertainment for an essay/writing project in my Freshman Composition course in the fall. With assignments, I include my own writing as an example. However, I do not watch reality television shows.

This is where I need your advice, please. Can you name reality television shows which portray [negative] masculinity? I am thinking Tough Guise 2 kinda stuff.

I need to watch some TV!

Thank you for your help!


Lisa :Jersey shore

Courtney :You mean like Jersey Shore? Wife Swap?

Dennis : Okay! Thanks. I'm SO needing cable or some kind of television time. Thanks again!

Michael : Tool School etc.

Monique :What was that horrible "dating advice" show that popularized the concept of negging? The Playa?


The Pick Up Artist is what is was called.

Dennis : Hmm. I'll have to check these out.

April : Anything real housewives maybe?

April : How about some duck dynasty?

Dan : Surbivoreman. What a winer.

Dan : I hate spell correct.


Kate : Duck Dynasty would be good, I think.

Michelle : The Bachelor, The Challenge (MTV),

Don : The Bachelor. That show is all about negative masculinity portrayed as positive far as I can tell.

Darren : Bravo's Southern Charm.

Dennis : Thanks, all! I might go with Duck Dynasty, although the last three semesters I have taught television in pop culture I have two to three students write about their FONDNESS for the show. It might be interesting. It might inform my approach to describing the people in the show--with distance? I haven't seen it yet. I might try to find the controversial episode. Is it in an episode in which Si (is that the person) said that thing he did?

Dennis : The Bachelor could be great, but how many seasons have there been? Is there such a thing as a good season, and what makes it good?

Dennis : I'll have to look up these other shows. I guess the TV is rarely on in in the house.

Kate : The last season with Juan Pablo might work.

Dennis : Thanks, Kate!

Patrick : Nope, the controversy was from a comment in an interview. I haven't seen DD, but from what I've heard it it'll be more of a counterpoint to the other shows mentioned. very different sort of masculinity then we'll see in Jersey shore, the bachelor, etc.

Dennis : Okay.

Michelle : Unfortunately, there have been like 16 seasons of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. (My opinion that this is unfortunate.)

Leah : A couple of other shows that might be a bit more complicated to use are Swamp People and Deadliest Catch. Both define masculinity in what I consider to be traditional way, but that definition is represented favorably. You're supposed to mock the cast of Jersey Shore. You're supposed to admire the hard working men who make a difficult living fishing the Bering Sea.

Dennis : I'll look into those too. Yes, Reality TV is more about the reality of what people do in front of a camera. However, it's always more complicated, isn't it?

Kate : Juan Pablo's season of the Bachelor is interesting because his misogyny is more overt than the misogyny of previous seasons. Plus it deals with the whole mythology of the fairy tale wedding and our courtship rituals, which is really fascinating. There's a scene in one of the final episodes where he tells one of the final girls (off camera) that he doesn't really know her, and he loves f-ing her. It caused a huge controversy. He's also the first Latin American bachelor, but he's also blond and blue eyed.

Dennis : Are The Bachelor's producers thinking the more misogyny, the better the ratings? Thanks for the info, Kate!

Callista : Roxanne Gay has done a lot of writing on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Dennis : Summer is TV time!

Dennis : Oh, fantastic! The students will use research too. Thanks, Callista.

Dennis : I will be just as interested to see if I can pull off a completely profeminist course in Freshman Comp using pop cultural examinations with a mostly conservative class.

Dennis : On the other hand, I've shown Killing Us Softly 3 before and the students were really open to its ideas.

Dennis : Thanks again, everyone! This is a lot to begin with.

Dennis : Everyone should order Kate's book. It's amazing!

Dennis : I'm not just blowing sunshine!

Kate : Thanks, Dennis!

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