Monday, June 9, 2014

Attachment Poetics: Another Element Coming

Chris Martin's
32 poems
1-78 pages

Mary Austin Speaker's
42 poems
3-87 pages

Dana Ward's
12 poems
1-145 pages


Chris and Mary have related pages, while Dana's prose makes a larger number.
With number of poems, Dana + Chris roughly equals Mary's number.

Going with Dana's strictly poetic pieces:
My Diamond pages 7-15
9 pages
The Crisis of Infinite Worlds 32-38
7 pages
Like the Tiniest New York City of Itself 39-45
7 pages = 23

Things the Baby Likes: How could I not adopt this as a form?!

E pages 89-108
19 pages = 42 running

But I love the poetic prose!

Could Dana's poetic prose represent moods? Movement?
Could each page of his poetry represent a correlation to a poem by Chris and by Mary?


Also, reading within my three boys, Willow comes back to me. That absence, stronger than our first attempt which only lasted the tap of coming, Willow was here, then gone.

For titles: Things our boys have said. How many times has Asmund said he is afraid of ghosts?

It is sending shivers to me, that I will need to revisit that year. I tried to write then.

I am going through now. The next project. Will my write-through become omission-based, too?

Attachment parenting as our Willow made a disappearing act.


I like this idea for the project: To enter the prose as spaces to enter my poems with. I can recall events, etc. get the tone of his work along with mine. Maybe quote his, instead of appropriation?

Align what the boys have said? Or do the chronological order?

Will I need an Excel file for that?

I am looking at 42 poems for the collection. Long poems, for sure.

Try to aim for two pages per poem.

I'm not sure what this will look like, if I will develop more than one collection, as in different parts. Maybe three collections? If that is the case, then each collection will have twelve long poems.

1) Asmund and Wystan: coming to fatherhood, my father, struggles, moving to home births (circa 2008-10), sum of two mothers poems around the two boys
2) Willow: joy, then loss and coping, 2011
3) Raedan: returned joy, always with absent places, speaking to Willow, 2012-now

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