Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Attachment Poetics

I am tentatively calling my project around my boys Attachment Poetics, the need for poets to have other poets to develop emotionally. It is based on my attachment parenting.

Three books for three boys.


In other news, I am halfway done with My Grunge of 1991. I still need:

40 sentences of poetry
100 sentences of feminist theory
240 sentences of YouTube-generated personal work
260 sentences of other personal work

I have them stored in an Excel file, with numbering to keep track and for easy sorts.

This is the order:
A Sentence text
B Description
D Set # (sets are of twenty sentences within an ID#, with 52 sets)
E Sentence # (1 through 1040)
F Poem # (this will go from 1 through 52 in repetition, to sort into poems)
G Sequential order # (within the ID# to keep track of the sequential order)
H Sentence # of sentence within poem, paired with F

ID#s are:
1 Movie titles
2 Star Trek TNG episode titles
3 Song titles
4 Bush quotes
5 Finney quotes
6 Dana Gioia quotes
7 X-Men #1 and X-Factor #1, a sentence per page
8 Personal sentences
9 Poetry
10 Feminist theory
11 YouTube sentences revamp on 6/11/2014, will be news items from internet sources

I came up with the number 20 by adding 1+9+9+1, for 1991
There are 52 weeks in the year

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