Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Grunge of 1991

I really don't like how Grunge turned out. Maybe it is too grungy? There were sentences I put in about events that really don't work. I thought about omission, but that is not working either.

It will take a bit of play, a bit of refiguring, deciding how many sentences should be included.

Maybe the success of MSWo1984 is because I carefully selected, crafted, etc, each sentence?

I am going to return to 1991 later. I'm moving on to 2004.

New X-Men: Phoenix and death (again)
Cloud Atlas: Feminist dystopian novel

I went to the Indiana University Summer Writers Conference in 2004 and attended Li-Young Lee's workshop. He read at a restaurant there, accompanied by Jazz band, and I remember his poems "Seven Marys" and "Station" vividly. I was really blown away by them. I know several people do not prefer his work, but those two poems stand out!

April 1 — Foetry.com Web site is launched for the announced purpose of "Exposing fraudulent contests. Tracking the sycophants. Naming names." Members and visitors contribute information which links judges and prize winners in various poetry contests in attempts to document whether some contests have been rigged.

Carl Phillips The Rest of Love: I picked up a signed copy of this in Left Bank Books, St Louis

Tony Tost Invisible Bride: I was blown away by this, and that it could win the Walt Whitman

Deer Head Nation came out in 2003.

The Killers in the summer and fall.

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