Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Re-evaluation on My Grunge

Really, the YouTube videos are a little tedious. I found great things that were said, but I am moving on to something easier--texts I can use with little effort.

I know have 580 sentences, which means that between my personal sentences and news texts, I need 460 sentences.

As I need groups of twenty, I will go with:

400 news texts
60 personal sentences

In other words, each personal sentence will make a corresponding "poem" for a total of 52 poems in the collection.

I have 1045 news entries from this website:

Ironically, this number is very close to my 1040 sentences needed. However, that poem would be a very different poem. Maybe another project for another time?

For now, I need to figure out an easy way of placing three news articles into one sentence, chronologically.

Could I finish the preliminary today?

I need forty personal sentences.


Solution: Concatenation

Big word for a big problem with an easy solution

=A1&" "&A2&" "&A3

This will combine the three pieces of text into one. Then a copy and paste will use the text--not the formula!

Pretty awesome!

But how about getting the next group? And the next?

Using a separate spreadsheet:

Copy = signs down (not in picture below--realized at the end)
Copy A's down
Fill / Series / Step value of 3
Copy downward: &" "&
so forth

Then a copy-and-paste-as-unformatted-text into a word document.

The issue becomes with the inserted tabs. Simply do a replace with, coping the space and placing it into the replace field, while adding nothing to the with field.

Then copy and paste back into the excel file with the sentences.


=A1&" "&A2&" "&A3

=A4&" "&A5&" "&A6

=A7&" "&A8&" "&A9

=A10&" "&A11&" "&A12

=A13&" "&A14&" "&A15

=A16&" "&A17&" "&A18

=A19&" "&A20&" "&A21

=A22&" "&A23&" "&A24

=A25&" "&A26&" "&A27

=A28&" "&A29&" "&A30

=A31&" "&A32&" "&A33

=A34&" "&A35&" "&A36

=A37&" "&A38&" "&A39

=A40&" "&A41&" "&A42

=A43&" "&A44&" "&A45

=A46&" "&A47&" "&A48

=A49&" "&A50&" "&A51

=A52&" "&A53&" "&A54

=A55&" "&A56&" "&A57

=A58&" "&A59&" "&A60

=A61&" "&A62&" "&A63

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