Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Topeka Somatic Poetry Project #1

Topeka Somatic Poetry Project #1
for CA Conrad (also born in Topeka)

Go to that place where you were miserable during some time in your life. I mean that physical place. Go there and wait. Allow the memories of that place to come back, who you were then, and allow those feelings to come back, the person you were to come back. Allow all of it to enter in. If you feel sick, or faint, or alienated, close your eyes and wait. Then open your eyes and look around. Look at the people who look alienated, depressed, sad, burdened. Allow your past to move you into a positive motion, into who you are now, someone changed, someone different, who would feel differently now because of your changed heart-mind. You do not want others to suffer like this. Call it Christ or Siddhartha, this kind of figure who wishes to take on the suffering of others because she or he can is the figure you are becoming in this moment. Take out your pen and write a poem for these others. After you are done, read this poem to someone who looks sad, depressed, and ready for someone to come read her or him a poem.

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