Friday, August 1, 2014

New projects: post-PTSDADHD and KC Royals

Shanna Compton recently posted on facebook:

Advice: Should Bloof Books also be explicitly stating we welcome poets with disabilities? Is there good language for this I can borrow? I don't see other presses doing this really.

This really inspired me to examine my own issues in my life: depression, ADHD, PTSD.

My first project is post-PTSDADHD, where I examine my life now in association with then.

Another has to do with Dan Quisenberry. Travis Macdonald found an article about his poetry, so it would be a  write through with his book of poems and memoir about my childhood. I reclaimed baseball recently after making amends with my father. There is a lot of tension and resonance around the two. More coming.

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