Monday, October 6, 2014

NaNoWriMo changes

I had my sci-fi dystopian YA novel all planned, some of the story's twists mapped out, the three acts of it, and things looked great. It was a way to write something outside of my comfort zone.

Based on a number of facebook posts, I also wanted to compile a list of small-press books of poetry which use domestic violence and sexual assault as their subject.

I did not know those posts I was reading were in response to the news that broke out around AssauLT-LIT, my catchphrase.


I want to respond with a piece of writing, but that is difficult. I don't want to conjure up new triggers for survivors, I don't want to exploit the story in the name of social awareness lit, but I don't want to say silence is an answer.

Reading different pages made me sick. I simply started doing searches on amazon. There it is: the allegation and guilt in print while making fun of rape.

The page I looked at, page 33, was removed from amazon's search inside feature.
I think of my life, how I want to protect those around me, how there is unspoken ugliness in the attitudes of people, and writing is where I turn to face these internal turmoils.

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