Friday, November 21, 2014

Sexual Assualt and Trouble Writing

I am having a difficult time determining how to create a Conceptual Poetry piece speaking out against sexual assault. I was going to use a text by a semi-famous someone whose books, in the guise of fiction, are actually details of their crime. However, large parts of the book were written by the survivor, too, which means I ethically can't do an omission of that text. It one thing to do what Reddy did with Voyager, but when the survivor is a part of that text, I can't. I thought about using the "open letters" as a way to create an omission work. Really, my words and work are pale in comparison to the survivors who are SPEAKING OUT with their AMAZING vulnerability. I just want to write a book that says YOU ARE AWESOME!, and WE SUPPORT YOU! to them.

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