Friday, February 20, 2015

New Project

Houses of My Ancestry

Sounds mythological, and it is. I just found out about Etzel Dairy--something Carrie and I have a huge interest in, around raw milk and how it was delivered to Oakland, Little Russia (Roosha), and North Topeka.

Plus, my Grandpa Jack built the house my Grandma Ruby, my mom, and aunt grew up in.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Poetic Memoir Washburn University EN199 EN399 Summer First Session Online

EN199/399: CW Poetic Memoir. This special topics creative writing class explores mixed-genre/contemporary form examples from writers who use verse, prose, image, appropriation, experimentation, and form to "show" their autobiography/memoir. Students will write their own poetic memoirs inspired by these examples. No previous creative writing experience necessary.

Please ask your advisor to see if this can fulfill a Gen Ed requirement or an upper-level course requirement for your major.

No experience is necessary for the course as we go over examples and question what makes a memoir (what it is and can be), what makes a poem (what it is and can be), then move into two contemporary poetic memoirs. The three books for the course will be my book of poetry The Sum of Two Mothers, Joseph Harrington's Things Come On, and Kaia Sand's Remember to Wave.

Really, these examples set a launching point for students to write their own poetic memoirs, coming up with three to four small projects to help launch larger projects to move forward with after the class is over.

The course is designed so you can approach your writing with whatever major you are, your interests--your life!