Saturday, March 7, 2015

About Starting a Small Press

Someone on facebook asked where they should submit a chapbook, which led to a discussion about starting a small press. I would like to share that here.

I've stepped down from Managing Editor to regular editor--and hope to finish one book and stop a while. I still get the itch to start my own press to publish the kind of stuff I love reading that doesn't get the audience. At the same time, yes--there are a lot of time and unseen struggles.

Many of the issues aren't around the publishing, but writers who believe it is the small press' job to sell their books. However, books aren't sold that way. It really takes the writer's commitment to doing readings, getting exposure, and buying copies directly from the publisher. In fact, --- Press now cannot spend any money for publishing. The poet has to pay--like self-publishing with the "-----" logo.

I like what Geoffrey Gatza writes toward the bottom of this page:

It really is about the misunderstanding writers and poets have of what it is like to be published by an independent or small press.

I would say, even with the time one puts in to a press, the worst part is the conflict and demands from someone published. Not everyone, but just those few people. It just leaves bad vibes, and it goes against what I love about the community writing creates.

I think what BlazeVOX has is great--to put it out there. The worst one is, "I have an emergency order! How can you get me my books?" I try to be kind in saying, "Why not stock up your books for an emergency?"

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