Monday, June 1, 2015

Companion Animal by Magdalena Zurawski

Companion Animal by Magdalena Zurawski

I can't wait to get my hands on this book! What a terrific way to start over--to get to "the real" by throwing away old notions. All notions are old notions?

Poetry. LGBT Studies. "A few years ago, armed with seven books, and guided by a small dog, Magdalena Zurawski decided to start over as a poet. She was in the kind of mood where extravagant poetic language can appear dishonest, so, for the most part, she limited the contents of her poems to what was strictly necessary. But in each poem she did exactly one unnecessary thing—often the unnecessary thing was the appearance of the small dog—and that was how she reinvented poetry. Rarely has the poetic impulse been isolated with such intensity. Rarely has it cohabited so successfully with plain speech. Here are the eagerly anticipated results. Wise, forceful, honest, clean as a whistle yet with a shockingly foul mouth, and very doggy. Sometimes the nastiest parts are also the nicest parts. I find that inspiring."—Aaron Kunin 

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