Friday, July 24, 2015

CA Conrad on Compassion

Looking at my notes from a panel I was recently on, in particular when someone at the Q&A was asking about compassion.
Something like, How do we have more compassion here?
My answer at the time was that I am tired of being asked to be the compassionate one, this after my presentation on my reparative poetry rituals for my depression around my boyfriend's murder (my successful reparative poetry rituals I will add).
1000 times over the years people have said Maybe if you forgive the people who killed him---
It seems to me if one is SERIOUS about compassion then just give it.
Don't instruct compassion.
When compassion is instructed it is not compassionate.
ALLOW us to be angry, depressed or whatever.
The beauty of the world will return at its own speed.
It has often felt like being instructed to forgive or be compassionate is because the instructor is afraid of those of us who are unapologetically alive in the cycles we are in.
It seems easier to talk about compassion than to practice it.
Better allies means allowing life to happen and lending a hand.

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