Monday, July 20, 2015

CA Conrad

CA visited for an amazing weekend, arriving to our house on July 17 in the evening. The PACE Project was a wonderful discussion, as well as his reading in the evening. He left yesterday, to spend time with Anne Boyer in KC before heading to France for a workshop.

It was a life-changer for me. I say this because I learned what I should have known--that anxiety and depression are normal for many, and there are things one can do to help themselves.

His ritual in the car: burn sage, then palo santo, then juniper. The moment he lit up the sage, a flood of relaxation came. Carrie said it is also cleansing.

Hold crystals. They work. He charges them with energies, but even we use zinc for our children to hold at night--for health reasons that work.

Also, the rescue remedy pastilles are amazing. CA recommended taking two.

He also HELPS writers by giving each expert (soma)tic exercise rituals.

I'm not sure if I want to share mine here. Contact me via email if you are interested, though.

Another thing: good things can come out of tragedy. We see this with the Vanessa Place and Kenny G fiascoes.

Also, cures are found within poisons.

Finally, I am changing the way I teach.

Vulnerability is a strength. Also, getting to the nuts and bolts of things is very helpful.

Cut through the crap and don't be so serious.

I noticed too many things about Topeka that I have forgotten: the Ronald Johnson tour, Illusions, the WREN wren.

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