Monday, September 21, 2015

An Actual Kansas Press

An Actual Kansas Press is a Kansas-based press designed to provide both free copies to works via pdf online, as well as inexpensive physical books for bibliophiles. The Press borrows from Ronald Johnson (a native Kansan): "an actual / Kansas--the central, earthy, prosaic core of us, needing only to be seen anew."

It comes out of the need for more exposure to experimental poetry, hybridity, document poetics, blurred genre, and whatever new [diverse] voices for poetry--for the people--are there.

Also, the need for voices to be read in a timely manner. As in, as soon as possible. As in, someone has something to get out into the world one week, someone else can read it the next week, and both poet and reader can hold it as a book in the week after.

Finally, it comes out of a Kansas place, to defy what others would see Kansas as only by reading the headlines. This is An Actual Kansas.

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