Friday, October 23, 2015

From Amy King, via Eusong Kim

Eunsong Kim sharpening her oyster knife:
"so today Nikki Wallschlaeger and I were trolled by poetry land's infamous troll persona. the account accused some poc poets of wanting to be published? that the motives of these poets were not pure cuz...they were publishing? all of a sudden a fundamental ingredient required to be a writer is contaminated cuz the ferals showed up. we've studied this game. we know what it looks like. do you know how repetitive you are?
this was my response:
I’ve never read a white critic critiquing the ambitions of a white poet—claiming that their ambitions are the basis of moral bankruptcy
all hollywood does is narrate the dreams of white characters. white ambitions=normalized but when poc are ambitious—this is a crisis?
it's cute that trollbots think that the way to get me to turn on poc writers is to discuss their potential successes
the successes & wins of my brothers & sisters & comrades do not scare me. i need your words. I want to read more of them. please keep writing
you winning is no threat to me. it’s a threat to them—
I hope all my sisters & brothers & comrades are ambitious.
I hope you wake up everyday with fire.
I hope your books overtake everything."

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