Saturday, January 9, 2016

Reading Moby-Dick Pt I

I owe a lot to comic books for my reading and spelling skills, as books were difficult for me to get through when I was younger. In the Eighties, as both heroes and villains could be intelligent, the writers chose to use complicated vocabularies to demonstrate their "genius," so off to the dictionary I went.

Comic book artists like Bill Sienkiewicz also changed my perceptions about art--that art can be directly accessible and inexpensive. One title that proved this was a Classics Illustrated book (put out by Marvel) of Moby-Dick.

I loved how Bill Sienkiewicz, given only a certain number of pages, applied his unique style he had developed over the years 1984 through 1990 (when the book came out).

Right now, you can buy a copy for $4 on amazon. I am going to revisit mine as I begin the reading of the classic.

I found this copy to be interesting, and I am waiting for it to arrive:

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