Monday, February 29, 2016


Immersion and Documentation


Asking for sacks, applications, etc.

Health Care Professionals and Advanced Composition HICEP

1) This course will have a book of readings, documentaries, and volunteer work
2) Reflection papers
3) Essay 1: IMRAD format in APA (additional research?)
4) Essay 2: Proposal argument stemming from Essay 1 (real-world, from a member of the health care community, to someone who can enact change)
5) Essay 3: Reflection Essay
6) Other strategies for writing covered

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting thoughts together

Annette said that she can go back to the past because she knows her way back. I realize I might not know for a few things.

I have concentrated on how to write the novel that isn't the novel.

Also, Black Lives Matter.


Climate crisis.

Hunger in America.



Fast food.

Any ideas of what connects these? I mean, any organization, event, etc.?

Long Binh Jail?

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lora Jost Climate Crisis

I am meeting with Lora again to discuss what we have about our climate crisis collaboration. I am hoping the show in March will work out.

Books and Documentaries Around Food and Hunger In America

I checked these out from the TSCPL!

Hunger in America
33247027389160                                                3/9/2016 23:59
A place at the table
33247027285111                                                3/9/2016 23:59
33247027721123                                                3/2/2016 23:59
(By the way, this is a children's book--a propaganda tool!)
No impact man
33247024056622                                                3/2/2016 23:59
No impact man : the adventures of a guilty liberal who attempts to save the planet, and the discoveries he makes about himself and our way of life in the process
33247024537431                                                3/2/2016 23:59
Big river a King Corn companion ; King Corn
33247022843435                                                3/8/2016 23:59
The chain : farm, factory, and the fate of our food
33247025721968                                                3/8/2016 23:59
Fast food nation
33247021685019                                                3/8/2016 23:59
Fast food nation : the dark side of the all-American meal
33247027819828                                                3/8/2016 23:59
Food, Inc. : how industrial food is making us sicker, fatter, and poorer-- and what you can do about it
33247024433243                                                3/8/2016 23:59
Genetic roulette the gamble of our lives
33247024171371                                                3/8/2016 23:59
33247025268481                                                3/8/2016 23:59
King corn
33247021772924                                                3/8/2016 23:59
McDonald's : behind the arches
33247021430978                                                3/8/2016 23:59
The sign of the burger : McDonald's and the culture of power
33247014757098                                                3/8/2016 23:59

Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 Schedule Thomas Zvi Wilson Reading Series

2016 Schedule Thomas Zvi Wilson Reading Series
6 pm at Johnson County Central Library
9875 W 87th St, Overland Park, KS 66212
February 16, 2016 Arts in Prison—Readers (Host, Arlin Buyert)
April 19, 2016 Michael Harty, Walter Bargen
June 21, 2016 Jo McDougall, Lindsey Martin-Bowen
July 19, 2016 Jeanie Wilson and others will read Thomas Zvi Wilson’s poetry
August 16, 2016 Robert Stewart, Greg Field
September 20, 2016 Annie Newcomer, Alan Robert Proctor
October 18, 2016 Susan Rieke, Elizabeth Uppman

Foreign Exchange Students Teach Me Words

Like abecedarian. I am in love with that word now! It has a-b-c-d in its spokenness. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Which poets are writing about food, hunger, GMOs, and such in America?

Obesity and Health Care

I realize that as many of my students pursuing nursing want to write arguments about obesity, the fat tax, etc. and it is making me cringe. It is not because I am obese and any of the weightist issues, but the same argument is coming down the line--obese people have themselves to blame. Somehow we as a culture only want to blame people for being obese instead of the overall systemic problem which allows fast-food and other unhealthy foods to be more affordable than healthy foods. Also, recess is a thing of the past, when we know play is an important part of learning. Consider, too, eating disorders, mental health, and depression--how food plays into the need for comfort. Finally, the most important thing to think about--POVERTY!

Yes, again, search for obesity health care controversy and there are no solutions that address these real issues.

Out of forty students this semester, even given topics to choose from, five chose obesity as their controversial topic. That is an eighth of the two classes.

I also feel that the line between judgement and actually caring for patients is often missing. There is judgement-diagnosis, then telling the patient she or he is fat. I have my own stories about visits to the doctor's office.

There is no investigation or discussion to the real issues.

Can we agree: No one would ever choose to be fat. Really. I even found articles about the "tolerance of obesity." Really?! How about "body shaming?"

I realized I need to move away from my gut-reaction (sorry for the pun) and bring up the issues not discussed--including checking judgement at the door.

I am going to do an overhaul of my class. I am switching to the theme of obesity--but throwing aside the judgmental attitudes which do not provide solutions to a real-world, HICEP approach that begins with those who will be working with others.

By the way, I am making efforts to lose weight, not only to stay alive longer for my boys, but as an activist rejection of the food I get drawn to tied to big money corporations.

Community Gardeners of Topeka, Kansas

Organic and more

New Netflix series about making your own food:

Indigenous resistance:

Hunger in America

This is an amazing interactive presentation where one scrolls to read the stories:

Friday, February 12, 2016

EN101 Freshman Composition Washburn University HICEP Class FOOD IN AMERICA

HICEP Definition:  High Impact Community Engagement Practices (HICEPs) are any student centered, interactive, experiential educational endeavors, either curricular or co-curricular, that are clearly community focused and action based. The purpose is to move from an observer of the conditions that exist in our society to intellectual awareness and informed action.

In the Fall of 2016, Washburn University will provide a different kind of Freshman Composition course. The focus on the class will still be developing one's writing for the college level, but the theme will be FOOD IN AMERICA! Dennis Etzel, Jr. will be facilitating the course.

August: Exploring the overall theme of food with personal writing.

September: Hunger in America: This topic will begin with Harvesters' Breakfast Challenge, then lead to volunteering in the warehouse and at a drop-off point.

October: Self-Sustainability: Urban Homesteaders of Topeka will visit our class as we examine how returning to whole, fresh, local foods can solve many of the issues America faces today. Fast-food restaurants, cheap food, and the quality of water will also be explored. We will also plan for and set in motion a community garden.

November: GMOs, Big Corporations, and the Farmer: We will examine what GMOs mean to us, farming problems due to business, and how a return to indigenous foods are a further resistance again post-colonialism. Other visitors are planned to speak.

December: Reflection and a Plan for Action for After the Course

Update: February 26, 2016
I have made connections with Harvesters, UHOT, and Topeka Common Ground.

With Harvesters, there will be a Breakfast Challenge, a tour of the facility, a volunteer time for packing food, and a volunteer time for distributing food.

With Topeka Common Ground, we will cultivate more community gardens, especially around the area where Dillons has closed.

With Urban Homesteaders of Topeka, members will discuss how they do sustainability right here in Topeka.

With Washburn Garden and The Exchange: How students who are food insecure can find resources on campus with the concern of anonymity.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

In March

coming up in May


I am looking for material for a course centered on food. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

Here is what I checked out yesterday:

* Fast food nation
33247021685019                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* Genetic roulette the gamble of our lives
33247024171371                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* Grow!
33247025268481                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* McDonald's : behind the arches
33247021430978                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* Big river a King Corn companion ; King Corn
33247022843435                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* King corn
33247021772924                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* Fast food nation : the dark side of the all-American meal
33247027819828                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* Food, Inc. : how industrial food is making us sicker, fatter, and poorer-- and what you can do about it
33247024433243                                              2/26/2016 23:59
* The sign of the burger : McDonald's and the culture of power
33247014757098                                              2/26/2016 23:59