Thursday, March 31, 2016

AWP Advice

Yes, AWP can be a challenging thing. My first time going was horribly spent with too many parties, following people I didn't want to follow, and in the book fair. Now people blog about it, so I have these things to offer. I will also update with my own notes.

First note: Plan the book fair visit for specific tables. Plan to visit your favorite writers when they are at a table. Don't get sucked in to everything.

Second: Plan at least two off-site readings. This is also a time where you can chat with writers you admire, more because you are away from the bedlam!

Third: Plan rest time. Really.

Fourth: Plan everything, without needing to stick to it.

Fifth: Listen to the voice that says, "Don't try to fit anther thing in that you wouldn't be interested in."


Note: Many people disagree.

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