Sunday, March 27, 2016

In my words

We just had twins--going from three to five boys--and went through the whole experience of planning with a birth center (for insurance reasons), to switching back to a home birth (when we found out we were having twins), to calling for an ambulance to transfer to the hospital. Our midwife had another midwife over to help her when Carrie was moving smoothly through labor. However, the first boy was posterior breech, so she decided to transfer to the more mother-friendly hospital. Carrie started telling the boys to stop moving, telling her body to stop, and the major contractions stopped coming. Her friend was holding the baby in on the way to the hospital. 

When we got there, the doctor was mad at our midwives who were in the room and told them to leave. We knew we would be in the other environment. Luckily, she switched over from expressing her anger to getting down to delivering. We thought we were going to have a C-Section, something Carrie was prepared for, but she delivered the first naturally after all, The second boy came out feet-first breech, too! Carrie thinks it was the ambulance's bumpy ride that might have turned him. However, he just followed naturally in fifteen minutes.

We were amazed at how understanding the nurses were to our homebirthing beliefs, as one also was a homebirther and attachment parenter. We found out from our midwife that the doctor called security to escort them out of the hospital. Out in the parking lot, they sent positive vibes for our doctor and for Carrie.

It has been quite the experience!  I was using the last year to work on poems about the boys--now with more to certainly write about.

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