Thursday, April 21, 2016

Conceptual Poetry and Appropriation

Psychologists hate Jung. This is what I reaffirm to my students every semester I teach Mythology to know that if they have any shared ideas that we could possibly be deeply interconnected even at the point of the mind before the brain processes images into language, that they may be ridiculed. Then I open myself up to ridicule by sharing all the stories of how dreams are forms of communication. What does this mean? It is that the texts emerging from a writer who lets go are meaningful in their connections to those concept-images that emerge. Poetry is image, too--the strength in symbolic meaning. As someone who feels anxious, disconnected, and uncreative, the idea of a plan for writing out of existing symbolic experiences makes sense. In 1984, the struggles in Marvel Comics' Secret Wars mirrored my struggles--another concept of poetry, that the public and private reflect each other. Oh, did that just sound like Jung? A few psychologists are daring enough to move Jung forward, as scientists are daring to publish what they find in quantum physics: that unexplainable things happen. This is also often called the mystical--a direct connection to the origin. We do not understand the methods to the proof. However, shaping poems through existing materials is a way of channeling. A way of communicating with those who wrote the words. I am reverse engineering the process of what it means to write.

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