Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poetry and Comic Books

Poetry is about getting to the vulnerable. The comic books I loved featured how the outcasts with "powers" were vulnerable. Still, there was Patriarchy. There is Patriarchy in poetic traditions and continuing poems. There is Patriarchy in poetry criticism. How can my poetry go against Patriarchy? How can it capture how, many times, the comic book characters I read as feminists were read as Patriarchal?

I was reading a book told via Wolverine's viewpoint. He talks about reading the classics: a list of male writers. I dropped the book, agitated. It was a male writing in Wolverine's voice.

What made Wolverine so attractive? He was the tough guy we scrawny, picked-on boys wanted to be in the Eighties.

The graphic novel landscape has changed. However, there are still needs to fixing it--especially with the films and merchandising.

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